Mário Santos worked in different sectors after finishing high school, including construction, the ship repair industry, hospitality services, door-to-door sales, movie rental and fast-food restaurants. Coming from a background of languages and arts but passionate about new technologies, he began a higher degree in multimedia and computer engineering. Disappointed with what he was not learning, he dropped out. After many years working as a software engineer for global software houses, he quit his job, entering a sabbatical period, and wrote his first novel, A Máquina não gosta de gatos (The machine hates cats), which was published in 2015 in Portugal by a traditional Portuguese publishing house, Guerra & Paz Editores.

His short stories and poetry have been published in
The Opiate Magazine, The Fictional Café, The Tiger Moth Review, Nightingale and Sparrow, Eye Flash Poetry, and others.

He lives in Lisbon, Portugal, and spends his time developing software and writing.

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