A Máquina Não Gosta de Gatos by Mário Santos


The Machine Hates cats.
Work, sex, lies and Information Technology …

Ricardo S. is a software consultant and is part of the generation that came after the 1974 “carnation revolution” that led to the creation of a democratic Portugal. He is unhappy at a professional and personal level. His generation is confronted with a reality that is brutally different from the one that was expected. He finds himself trapped in a high-tech life, where everything is recyclable and ephemeral: jobs, weddings, friendships, ideologies, higher education, material goods. He feels that is life was designed and projected by others and is not his real life. Is there a way to make up for lost time? At what price? As the song says, “Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose”.

"... a fun novel about the corporate world of computing and business, with many variations in the way the story is presented ... the first phrases that appear highlighted on black pages (there are several throughout the book) give us an idea of the style of Mário Santos' writing ... delusional thoughts and daily lives, scenes of a computer scientist in the 21st century. "

Jornal de Letras

"In A Máquina Não Gosta de Gatos, the author, Mário Santos, recreates in his main character the ordinary citizen who is suddenly faced with an illusory life that was created for him and not by him. Everything around him was created so that nothing could fail in society... Is this what we want for full freedom, that same freedom that is so hard to achieve and that is under fire? "

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